Highway Windshield Protection

We spend more time on the roads than ever before, commuting to work, travelling and just getting to and from where we need to be in our daily lives. All this time spent on busy highways, alongside trucks, construction vehicles, and other large automobiles can wreak havoc on our windshields.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the number one cause of minor damage to windshields is related to Deerfoot driving.
While you can’t protect your vehicles windshield from all chips and cracks, there are things you can do to protect your windshield when navigating busy roads.

For example, have you seen those construction vehicles with the signs that say: “Construction Vehicle Stay back at least 200 feet”? Those signs are posted for a reason. These vehicles are often loaded with small pieces of debris. Although the truck beds should be securely covered with tarps to keep dirt, rocks, and other objects from flying out, many of the covers are often worn or torn. Take heed when driving directly behind these vehicles and allow plenty of room, so debris does not hit your car directly.

Unfortunately, even if debris does not hit your automobile directly from a construction vehicle, it can be scattered all over the Deerfoot. Another car simply running over a small piece of rock can shoot it up into your windshield, so it is particularly important to leave enough space between you and the cars around you to protect your windshield.

Following the 200 feet rule for Deerfoot driving may not prevent all windshield damage, but it can increase the odds that your windshield will remain intact …. And if you do get a rock chip on your windshield, call Mobile Windshields Calgary right away so the damage doesn’t spread!